Friday, October 30, 2009

Bits that happen

See, this would all be easy if everything went according to plan. All the time. But it does not. Take this semester. So far we have had two weekends with guests (planned, but way more difficult then I planned, and both included birthdays of my children.) Then I got sick. Not bad, but enough to slow me down. Then I broke my toe. I don't need my toe to do design, but doctors appts. take time. And pain sucks the life out of you! Then the week of Flu. Anna, Ethan and Dan all had H1N1. That killed that week too. I am still coming up for air. Those were the big things. Now add in little stuff like our washer breaking (two days home to wait for repair people, time spend doing laundry elsewhere as it has now been almost two weeks with no washer. Sigh. And last night we had no power (that was at least 3 hours lost, plus a horrible night of sleep.) And then today was the kids school Fall Festival. I am so behind for the weekend. I need to not see the kids or Dan all weekend and get caught up. is halloween. And Anna has soccer. So tomorrow is shot. If I am lucky, Dan will take them somewhere to get them out of my hair tomorrow and Sunday so I can work. And I will work hard tonight, and get no sleep. Again.

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