Saturday, October 24, 2009


So, the theme of my life lately is balance. I don't seem to have it. This weekend is a great example. Anna (that would be the 5 year old) had a soccer game this morning. Can't miss that. Then lunch. Then home. Tried to work. SIL called. Talked to a friend (who I owed a call to.) Neighbor came over to chat (and I don't do well at getting rid of people.) I had about 10 minutes to work. Dan (that would be the loving husband) tried so hard to help by taking the kids out for ice cream. I got those 10 minutes while he was gone. Then tonight Anna and I had a date-dinner and a play (Mary Poppins!) That was a huge hit, but now it is 12.40 am Sunday and I am just getting to work. I can't even estimate how much time I need, but I know it is a lot. I am going to work as long as I can tonight (when you are doing work by hand you can only push past that tired barrier so long before you cut off something... hopefully not a finger!) Anyway, I will work tomorrow, but by doing so I have to give up the zoo (which I could count as homework, but it is work that I can postpone) which I was really looking forward to taking the kids too (halloween-they can wear costumes) but I can not justify. I will either be way to tired or way to busy-depends how long I am up tonight! Either way, I have again lost some balance. Sigh.

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