Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cheap clothes and letters

Ooo so much to do!

I got my cheap mystery shirt yesterday. Pushmepullme.com....I love it! A bear fishing. Very fun. I want more, unfortunately!

Working on letters-those are due tomorrow. The whole alphabet in photos. I am making them into coasters. I am close-ish, but not close enough. Here is the last one I had to photo-I had shot this one months ago, but it was a touch blurry, so I reshot it today. I like this better anyway. The backs are all cork, and the transfer process is a little smelly and crazy. But I like the overall look.

And here is where mom/student collide. Tomorrow I have to miss a the first two hours of class for parent teacher conference. Anna's is tomorrow. Then Thursday I will loose out on about 45 minutes of homework time to do to Ethan's. I mean, I can not miss that, and the kids come first. But it is hard to make that balance work.

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